Michael Shepherd

Managing Director and Principal Occupational Hygienist
Michael Shepherd, Grad. Dip. (OHS); BSc. (Chem), is a Chartered Chemist, a Certified Occupational Hygienist and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists. Michael has over twenty years’ experience in multidisciplinary occupational health and safety assessments, and advises government on health and safety policy and legislation. Michael is former President of the Asbestos Industry Association Queensland, an advisor to the Asbestos Related Disease Support Society QLD (ARDSSQ) and is a NATA technical assessor for asbestos identification and counting. An AIOH Council member from 2010-2012, Michael currently chairs its Membership and Qualifications Committee and is one of the institute’s certified Occupational Hygiene Examiners. Michael’s specialties are recognition, evaluation and control of workplace hazards. Main expertise includes, water quality, indoor air quality, asbestos, dust, mould, and hazardous chemicals.

Chris Done

Managing Director
Chris is a qualified building and asbestos surveyor with a wealth of experience owning, managing and running asbestos surveying and analysis businesses for the past 15 years. Chris is a member of the Royal society for public health. Specialising in hazardous materials within the built environment as well as occupational safety and health, Chris has been and continues to be involved with safety organisations and businesses in the UK, East Africa, Australia and New Zealand bringing a diverse and varied breadth of knowledge to the team having run analytical laboratories in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Hugo Perez

Managing Director and International Project Coordinator
Hugo has an environmental engineering and business school background that he applied first in sustainable building and Renault’s electric cars in France. Engaged in 2018 with ITGA Group, Hugo represented the company in Sydney till 2019. He is now leading the ITGA international team from France where he continues to learn about the French expertise in asbestos, specially regarding Transmission Electron Microscopy. He is devoted to adapting and giving the ITGA skills and know-how to Cohlabs TEM and support all professionals willing to use TEM as a standard in the asbestos industry.

James Herbert

Senior Project Manager and Marketing Director
James Herbert, BSc Hons (Bldg. Surveying), is a qualified building surveyor with over 20 years’ experience in both building surveying and hazardous materials management. James has worked as a consultant in the UK and Australia, specialising in project management and has considerable experience managing major projects involving the identification and remediation of hazardous materials for the Department of Defence, State Government departments, utility companies and various other clients. James’ areas of expertise include project management, staff training, occupational health and safety compliance audits, hazardous materials surveys, asbestos auditing and asbestos and particulate air monitoring. James is also a Licensed Asbestos Assessor (LAA).
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James Detain

Commercial Director
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Laurent Fenouil

Business Development Manager and Regional Manager
Laurent graduated from a Double MSc. in Global Innovation Management in the US and in France along with a Chinese Certificate in the same field. Combined with an Engineering degree in IT, Laurent has a strong diverse and international background including one and a half year as BDM in Australia for a French Occupational Hygiene company, three years as PM/Trainer in the nuclear industry followed with one year as Business Analyst for a GDS in France, and one year divided on three continents (EU, US, China) as Global Innovation Analyst to assist new businesses in launching their solutions in foreign markets. Passionate about the entrepreneurship world, Laurent run for 2 years his own start-up, awarded from one competition in France and was finalist at his university’s competition in the US. He also participated to a mentorship program there and volunteered to be coach and member of juries for other start-up competitions back in France.

Dr Ronan Tartivel

National Technical Manager specialised in TEM/SEM
Dr Ronan Tartivel is ITGA’s National Technical Manager in HAZMAT analysis, specialising in fibres detection by Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, as well as the R&D Team Leader in asbestos and nanoparticles analysis. After his Master and PhD in Material Science in 2007 with a thesis focused on Atomic Force Microscopy, TEM & SEM, Dr Tartivel joined the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) as a Research Engineer in microscopy and imaging platform using TEM and SEM, until 2012 when he joined ITGA. Dr Tartivel is a member of the French Association for Standardization (AFNOR) in the ambient air workgroup. He is also assessor for the French Committee for Accreditation (Cofrac) for the ISO/IEC 17025, asbestos detection and identification.

Jordan Ogor

TEM Sample Preparator and Analyst
Jordan has a master of engineering in electrochemistry and chemical processes. During his master, Jordan did a 5 months internship at RioTinto on aluminum electrolysis and another 6 months internship at Naval Group on proton exchange membrane electrolysis. He has been a TEM analyst at ITGA for 4 years, preparing and analysing bulk samples like vinyl tiles, paints, adhesives or more exotic Natural Occuring Asbestos samples. He arrived in Brisbane in March 2020 to help setting the electron microscopy activity up. Now the team is providing COHLABSTEM the ability to analyse bulk and air samples following different standards.



Established in 2014, COHLABS consists of a group of like-minded Brisbane-based professionals who are committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of people at work. We aim to provide objective, science-based solutions to our clients’ problems, whilst ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the workers remains paramount. We offer our clients a complete suite of quality yet affordable services that are attainable by employers of all sizes. From air and water quality testing, hazardous substances risk management, to noise monitoring, right the way through to OH&S training, we know how to keep your employees safe. Supremely safe.

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PPS is a leading manufacturer of Decontamination Equipment as well as Personal Protective Equipment. We specialise in providing complete solution packages to a wide variety of hazardous industries. Since PPS's inception 67 years ago, our over-riding ethos has been to provide the greatest possible protection to employees and to maintain a safe workplace in any hazardous situation. PPS developed unique technology which made it the leader in protective suits and equipment for various industry including the asbestos, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry's. The company has refined its research and development capabilities while expanding its investments and technologies in Europe and the rest of the World. PPS ensures it collaborates with industries, organisations and Governments to guarantee the latest technologically advanced products for the protection of your staff and customers.

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ITGA Group

Since 1994, ITGA has developed a unique network of building and trade expertise focused on public and occupational health and also the environment. Founded on a multidisciplinary approach, a complementary services offer and a network of diverse skills, ITGA benefits from a global vision that supports all professionals with the optimal resolution of their regulatory issues related to buildings and health & safety. ITGA continually strives to monitor changing regulations in buildings and health & safety. The Group's skills and expertise are devoted to a single objective: providing comprehensive and workable solutions perfectly attuned to each customer’s projects. ITGA relies on the collaboration of skills, knowledge, innovation and people, while listening attentively to its customers’ needs. A commitment that is deeply rooted in the company’s identity, its values and its future.

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